Tips on Planning and Conducting a Memorial Service for Your Loved Ones

Planning and arranging a funeral for a lost loved one can be quite the challenge. In times of grief, emotions can hardly be controlled. Despite this difficult circumstance, you still have to arrange their funeral. We put together this guide on how to prepare a funeral for your dearly departed. Listed below are the step-by-step guides on how to arrange a funeral. In times of need we can help you grieve, here at Seaside Funerals.


Plan the Funeral Services

In this step you will find yourself asking questions that pertain to which kind of service you will get, is this covered by life insurance, what are the paperworks needed, and all the formalities that come with preparing for a funeral. To answer all these questions, you need to have a trusted funeral directors mornington. Located in Mornington, we service all of the Mornington Peninsula including Mount Eliza, our service can be accessed and customized to your liking.

Start planning immediately because funerals can happen quite quickly after your loved one has passed. It may be overwhelming, seek support from whoever is there, friends, family, etc. This can make things less overwhelming. Having comforted yourself a little bit, will help you think more clearly about how things should go or how you want it to go. Take for example, it is much harder to plan a funeral all by yourself with no one to talk to except funeral directors mornington, compared to when you have family and friends by your side.


Pick a Coffin

There are many available coffins, choosing a coffin based on preference is highly recommended. You should also consider what you’re loved one would have wanted that befits the type of service you acquire. Funeral Services Mornington, Seaside Funerals offer a variety of different caskets for you to choose from.

Arrange Funeral Transport

The procession is an important part of the day. There are some things you need to think about, how many vehicles do you need? What route would you like to take? And others. Seaside Funerals lets you choose between options, which you can personalize according to your preference.

Pick an Appropriate Venue

This service is in honor of the departed soul, and it should be in remembrance of them. Pick an appropriate venue for the funeral, one of which played a significant part in your loved ones life.


Personalize the Service

The best way to commemorate someone’s legacy is to personalize it. The dearly departed has lived his life in a special and unique way. That’s why it’s befitting to arrange the service, the way they wanted to be remembered. One of the many things you can do is to create a memoir, prepare stories that you have shared with them, invite people that have a special place for them in their hearts, funeral music, and readings. By doing so, you are honoring the departed in a more meaningful way. It’s not just any service, it’s a loved one’s service.

Departed Soul’s Final Wishes

Did they leave a will? If they did, honoring those requests would matter to the deceased, an inclusive addition to the service.


Schedule the Service

Events like this coerce people to come together in honor of the departed. Choose events that are practical and have meaning to the deceased. This will also give a chance for the attendees to visit and grieve. Schedule a viewing time for the wake, for friends and family to view the deceased. You could choose a specific time that only family can be there. So collaborate with Seaside Funerals, if you wish to incorporate this with your service.



After the ceremony has concluded, eulogies are shared to have a glimpse on the speaker’s(family, friends) relationship with the deceased. However, if they do not wish to speak, then do respect their decisions. They might still be in a rough spot and have very little confidence to talk in front of people without breaking down. As for people who can share, encourage them to share about specific events that made them close to the departed.

Everyone has their own way in grieving the dearly departed, and in order to fulfill their legacy. we should be considerate and give more emphasis on what the deceased wanted rather than personalize it according to your liking. Our expertise in Funeral Services Mornington, are more than happy to join you in your journey in honoring your loved one.

We offer our services and sympathy to people who wish to honor their loved ones. We offer our deepest condolences to the bereaved family, and with utmost assurance, we can promise you that your loved ones funeral will be well-respected and prepared according to the needs of the family.

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