Our Repatriation

Interstate & Overseas Repatriations

Our professional and caring staff at Seaside Funerals have many years of experience in repatriations of both Australian citizens back to Australia and foreign nationals to their homelands. We will take care of all necessary documentation with Government Departments and support your family through the repatriation process.

Repatriation Includes

• Transfer into our care
• Embalming and Mortuary Care
• Coffin
• Metal liner
• Packaging
• Administration fee
• Liaise with Consulates and Embassies
• Airport transfers
• Arrange all legal documentation
• Death Certificate
• Transportation of deceased to airport
• Liaise with interstate/international funeral director or family
• Professional service fee


Exhumation of human remains may be required for a number of reasons, such as further forensic investigation, moving to another burial ground, or to be cremated and return ashes to the family. For Exhumation to proceed, an application to the Department of Human Services for an exhumation license must be made. The deceased’s next of kin/applicant, owner of the grave, and the Cemetery Trust also must give permission for the Exhumation license to be approved. This process can take an extended period of time; we atSeaside Funerals will professionally guide the family and prepare the documents as required.

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