What are the Pros and Cons of a Prepaid Funeral

Planning your funeral is a wise endeavour which guides you on how to conduct a burial rite in honour of our loved ones. Setting aside funds to cover potential huge funeral expenses is the only way to relieve your family from financial pressure. A prepaid funeral has multiple benefits as well as shortcomings.

We share a funeral plan with you and its pros and cons.


What Is A Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Plans made with a funeral home and paid in a lump sum or instalments for a particular duration, like 3 or 5 years, are referred to as a “Prepaid funeral plan.” Your personal preferences and financial concerns predetermine your private funeral.

A Prepaid funeral service  allows you to pay for your funeral plans before dying. It is ideal for rescuing your family from financial stress. Important decisions such as finances need more focus and clarity, which is lacking at the vulnerable time of your death.

Funerals are expensive. Planning your funeral expenses will secure your loved ones from facing the costs. Prepaid funeral plan prices vary based on age, preferences, and location. Regardless of your choice, the good news is that they will cover the service expenses.


Benefits and Shortcomings of a Prepaid Funeral Service

Before you consider investing in a pre-need funeral plan, it is advisable to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using one:


5 Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral Plan
  1.     Sense of Security– you save your loved ones from the hassle of taking care of the logistics of your funeral and give them some peace of mind.
  2.     No dispute– By writing your wishes on how you would love your send-off to be, you prevent disputes among family members on what you would have preferred and the affordability to give you a send-off that matches that.
  3.     Pre-established price– Upfront funeral arrangements protect you from inflation on funeral costs.
  4.     Complete control – you have solid control over the type of funeral you want, including the cemetery site you want to lie in.
  5.     Cost-effective– in the sense that you can lock in the current price for future costs of funerals around your area.
Disadvantages of Prepaid Funerals
  1.     You risk losing your money- if the funeral home runs out of business; your loved ones may have to pay despite your efforts. Ensure you check your funeral home’s process.
  2.     Limited chances of transfer– Most prepaid plans restrict transfer if you die in a different area or want to relocate. Transferring the contract to an alternative funeral home is prohibited.
  3.     Prepaid funds are preoccupied and immovable– There is no refund of the cash you pay towards your funeral plans. Also, paying other expenses like your medical costs with similar funds is impossible.
  4.     No flexibility– The plans allow flexibility, limiting your loved ones from making decisions once you die.


You need to create a budget for your funeral to be able to determine its value. Shop around to compare the prepaid funeral plans in your location to get the best deal. A prepaid funeral service may not be worth it for everyone, but it is worth it for those who have tried. It all trickles down to your personal preference.

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