Organising a Funeral – The Importance of a Personal Touch

From introducing customised memory boards to the signing of memorial books and adorning of beautifying flowers, various choices are available when it comes to Organising a Funeral. Personalisation is appealing as it allows the deceased’s family to mourn their loved one in a unique way while exhibiting a sign of their last respect. 

As your family prepares to bury your loved one, our Mornington based funeral Directors will help you with personalization ideas to create lasting memories for those remaining behind. 


Meaningful Ways to Help Add a Delicate Touch to a Funeral Service

For a funeral to be memorable and have a personal touch the team of organisers designated by your family can consider the following ideas:


1. Request the Guests to Wear Thematic Colours

Was your loved one attracted to a specific colour? Or supported a sports team? Requesting the mourners to be dressed in such colours can be significant as opposed to dull colours like black. Displaying a simple gesture as such not only can enhance the mood or theme but can really make the funeral memorable. Another way of personalising the event of your loved one is to display their personal belongings like guitars, football shirts, and even their favourite drinks. Such a gesture can sink into the memories of grieving friends for a long time. 


2. Decorate the Funeral Event Venue

Decorating the front of the funeral or memorial space brings a real personal touch and exclusively communicates the day’s theme. While arranging the funeral, you should ensure that photos, flowers, and other meaningful decorations for the loved one are invariably put in place. Most of all, you can consider the decorations associated with the deceased’s life. For instance, you could settle on flowers and other greenery collected from your loved one’s garden or favourite place. The decoration should also reflect the passion, activities, and hobbies of the person being buried or cremated.


3. Introduce a Unique Taste in Music

Adding music to the funeral of your loved one is an exclusive way of personalising the service. As a rule, avoid playing generic songs synonymous with funerals since they not only do they create a boring scene, but fail to exhibit the real life your loved one used to live while alive. You can play the favourite songs of your loved one and also ensure that your introduction music creates a celebratory moment rather than a sad one.

Ordering a custom coffin is a great way of adding a personal touch to a funeral. Usually, coffins are designed in different colours or sizes but take almost similar shapes. In this case, you should consider designing an exclusive coffin with quotations or attaching a logo or emblem associated with the deceased. A personalised casket lasts in the memories of mourners while respecting the will of the deceased.


4. Include a Charity

If your loved one was involved in charity events, you might request the grieving friends to donate their time and money to a similar course or organise a collection for the charity at the funeral event. You may even invite representatives of the charity to join you at the funeral.  However, you must clarify to the mourners to help them see the meaning of this initiative.


The best way to organise a funeral is to do exactly what your loved one would wish or want and try to make it a celebration of their life more than a sad event. This can be difficult to do but our specialist funeral service organisers will be there to help you every step of the way. 

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