Cremation: What You Should Know Before Making a Choice

Although cremation is becoming more common, there are many misconceptions about the process. When it comes to cremation versus burial, there is no correct or wrong answer. Individuals should choose what they are comfortable with and what approach is consistent with their practices and traditions.

Here are eight things’ people should know about cremation to help them evaluate their choices.


There is Still a Funeral After Cremation

It is a prevalent misunderstanding that a family cannot have a funeral if they have a cremation service for their deceased one. This needs to be corrected. Even though many individuals in Australia who opt for cremation prefer a tribute ceremony, there is no reason why a burial cannot precede the cremation.


People are Cremated Individually

It is unlawful in Australia to cremate numerous human corpses simultaneously. The gesture is discouraged because it is believed that human remains should be treated with utmost dignity. Here at Seaside Funerals, we ensure that corpses are cremated individually, and that all essential services are made available.


Religious Individuals can also be Cremated

Most people in Australia believe in the religious rituals that lead them. The disposition procedure differs depending on location and religion. Many faiths used to prohibit the use of cremation services. Nowadays, most beliefs allow cremation services. However, some religions have specific rules for how the remains are treated after cremation. People should speak with their priest or spiritual advisor if religious activities are essential to them.


People can Witness the Cremation Service

Many crematories are set up so that the cremation service can be witnessed. This will need to be planned, and the room may be restricted.


There are many Options for Personalization

Aside from the conventional options of burying the remains or putting an urn in a niche or columbarium, the possibilities for making monuments from cremated remains are virtually limitless. Options range from making jewellery to producing artwork to using remains in tattoo pigment.


It is Possible to Skip the Funeral Home

It is feasible to make cremation plans without ever visiting a funeral home. The cremation service can be arranged online. However, in some places, the experts visit homes to offer advice on the cremation service.


Cost of the Process

Cremation  prices differ depending on the provider. Some individuals prefer direct cremation because it is less expensive, while others choose conventional cremation, which involves a funeral or tribute service. A funeral house is required by Australian legislation to provide its clients with straightforward pricing.


Identification Checkpoints

To guarantee that correct remains are given to the family, it is critical to address identifying checkpoints with the service provider. The family of the dead must learn how the dead will be treated and moved. Before cremation, some service providers put a stainless-steel ankle band with identification on your loved one. This guarantees that the family receives the right remains.


Bottom Line

Choosing between interment and cremation can be difficult. An individual should take some time to consider what is best for their loved one. 

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